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There are many ways to support Bolton Pride. Getting involved can help make Bolton Pride a memorable event that showcases the community, creates awareness, raises visibility and highlights equality and diversity for all.
Bolton Pride is now one of the pillar events within the town, organised by volunteers and relies solely on sponsorship from the local community, grants and businesses. Without such support the Festival would not be as spectacular as it is, year on year and would not run if it was not for the fantastic sponsors we have.
Great ways to support Bolton Pride is to:

Supporting Bolton Pride takes diversity and equality policies from paper into practice

Over the past five years we have had thousands of visitors to Bolton Pride in the town centre and have had thousands of hits on social media and our website. We have various Sponsorship Packages that we hope fit a diverse budget and your goals as a sponsor.

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We have visibility in various ways from The Parade where by there is a precession through the town centre, various advertisements through the town centre and outer communities in the form of leaflets, posters, lamp post signs, banners. We have large banners at the entrance to The Market Place and a vast social media presence through the year.

This year we will also be having lanyards with an itinerary of the weekend, which will include information of our sponsors. We have various stage sponsors from the main stage in Victoria Square and the second stage in The Market Place. Whether you are wanting to be a main stage sponsor or want to support in a smaller way, we always welcome you support and are always happy to discuss options.

The Market Place has over 50,000 people through the doors on a Saturday event day, so helping visibility for sponsors of businesses. 
Within Victoria Square is our main hub for the weekend and we have various advertisements which include company logos t be seen. On an event weekend, Victoria can have as many as **** people in the square.

Not only does the business get the visibility within the town and shows to support equality, diversity and freedom for individuals within the LGBT+ community, it also shows that such business has a zero tolerance to hate crime. Having such sponsor of Bolton Pride then can bring all sponsor businesses together to celebrate their great work in tackling hate crime and homophobia in Bolton.

Furthermore, you can also benefit from recruitment and outreach as well as improving existing staff retention by showing that you value diversity and equality and a diverse work force and staff that can be themselves at work are more productive.


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Would you like to volunteer for Bolton Pride? Bolton Pride volunteer Lanyard?
Volunteer Roles

One of our main achievements of Bolton Pride is that our volunteers’ package is open to everyone and is inclusive of everyone whilst ensuring safety is always upheld.

Bolton Pride includes people of every race and faith, whether disabled or able-bodied, and all sexualities and genders. We support the use of carers at all our events and encourage all to speak up if they need any extra support.
This year’s Bolton Pride has 4 main volunteer roles that will be allocated to on guidance of individual skills, experiences and abilities.

Parade Marshals – Being a Parade Marshal you will be involved in the supervision of all participants in the parade to ensure people know where to go, they know where the registration desk is, where toilets are and to be on hand should anyone need any extra help. During the parade, Parade Marshals will be required to be positioned at the edge of the walkers and vehicles to ensure the flow of people is in the right direction and to be on hand should any parade members need assistance. The Parade Marshals are expected to cheer the parade participants. You may be positioned on your own for a longer period than the timing of the parade route, so the individual will need to be able to work on their own and be able to be in position for such time.

They will need to able to be proactive in cheering people on or if a problem arises, be proactive to contact a leader to gain assistance. Parade Marshals need to prevent gaps from forming and just ensuring participants and spectators do not step to close to vehicles or floats. In order to be an effective Parade Marshal, the individual requires to have proactive communication skills. Each Parade Marshal will have an ear piece which include a mic to communicate with the Parade Lead (usually Liz) and security.

The Parade Marshal will work under the supervision of the Parade Lead and the supervision of the security team. It is important that all parties work together and communicate any needs to ensure the safety of everyone. The Parade Marshals will be trained on how to use the ear pieces and how to communicate with security staff, should a problem arise. Parade Marshals are a vital role to the smooth running of the parade.

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Event Engagement- Being part of the Event Engagement Team you would be encouraged to speak to visitors of Bolton Pride. Everyone who is an Event Engagement volunteer must have a knowledge of Bolton Pride and the ethos, be able to direct people to areas of Bolton Town centre where Bolton Pride events are taking place, direct to where toilets are, be able to talk about what events are on throughout the weekend etc. Being such volunteer, you will need to have good communication skills and a proactive attitude to speak to visitors over the weekend. Within the Event Engagement role, you will be asked to find out visitor’s views via a paper survey and where to report Hate Crime.

Being a member of this team, you may be on the door at the main indoor events to welcome people, including the Bolton Pride hub. Some events are during the day and some are in the evening. You may be required to volunteer at varying times of the day, but you will not e required to volunteer after 10pm. Volunteers for this role should be welcoming and happy to smile at people. They should be proactive in helping show people where to go in the building and what is in store for that event. Having such crucial crew on board helps the smooth running of the event and makes people feel welcome. This role is important to help the local community engage with Bolton Pride and to educate visitors of what Bolton Pride is all about.

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Runners & Set Up- Being a Runner at Bolton Pride is an important role as the set up of the weekend is always a busy period. Having extra hands to deck to help wherever possible. It may be from helping stall holders with emptying their cars to helping put all stalls away at the end of the day, putting the parade welcome tents up and away etc. Without such help throughout the weekend Bolton Pride would not run as smoothly as it does.

Artist Liaison – Here we would require volunteers on the Bolton FM stage in The Market Place to help the smooth running of the stage and when the acts are on. We also require you to work together in teams to support each other and be on hand for each other should errands etc need to be run.

In addition to the 4 main volunteer roles, we have some extra roles to which we require support with during the build up to Pride and over the weekend:

Signage and Information Team

Here we require volunteers to attend all shops and businesses within the town centre of Bolton to see if they would be willing to put up a Rainbow flag for the weekend of Pride and a poster in the weeks running up to the event. These posters have crucial information to help people know what is going on in the town centre for Pride.

We also require the team to put up various banners and lamp post signage in the weeks running up to Pride. All volunteers will be given a T-shirt and High Visibility jacket which they must wear when on shift, attachment tools and a map highlighting where the Lamppost signs and banners are to go.

This role suits someone who is feels confident to walk/drive around the area and putting signage up. Without such signage, no one would know what was happening!